Diving Deeper into 3D Marketing and 3D Advertising

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

"I consult with creative brands, using innovation, 3D tech, and art to transform brand communications, creating impactful customer journeys that drive business growth."

As a brand, can you describe your last successful marketing effort? Was it a good-old traditional campaign or did you include any of the new trends floating around the industry? As marketing strategies become obsolete, technology becomes more advanced, consumers look for more than needs quench, and brands are struggling more than ever.

Even when the world is hyper-connected with consumers right next to you, garnering a loyal customer base is turning into a grand challenge. But worry not! We are a 3D creative studio that is constantly abreast with dynamic consumer preferences, technology advancements, and glowing trends. Hence, we’ve put together a guide for your brand that talks about advertising in the 21st century.

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What is 3D Marketing and Advertising?

As the term suggests, 3D Marketing and Advertising are when 3D technology meets the latter. Influenced by the latest technology trends, and consumer preferences, marketers experimented a lot and the result is what we see today as 3D campaigns. It also goes in line with the upcoming construction of the new virtual world, the metaverse.

3D Marketing brings imagination to life, novelty to campaigns, and curiosity in consumers.

Reasons behind its Growth

Explosion of E-commerce

The most obvious reason behind the glory of 3D marketing is e-commerce. As commerce technology becomes more democratized, every brand has its own virtual front. Targeting ads, push-message promotions, and discount emails are being sent everywhere. But the more brand stress on them, the more they are likely to lose a buyer.

To keep customers glued to your virtual channel, novelty brought by 3D is required.

Enter the Metaverse

Much of the marketing in the present days received its upgrade thanks to the development of the metaverse. A world inside our real world, it carried immense potential due to its robust features and detail-oriented topography. Made completely from 3D, brands have to resort to 3D marketing to appease the audience in the metaverse.

Enticing NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, widely known as NFTs have a unique characteristic about them. They have the power to turn anything digital into a piece of noble artistry. It can be anything from a 3-year-old pencil drawing to sophisticated Gucci’s handcrafted design.

And what’s more amusing is that consumers love to collect them. Brands are cashing out on this opportunity by creating 3D campaigns and trading them off as NFTs.

Shift in Buying Power

Contrary to previous consumers, the latest generation whose buying power is mounting up, grew in a relative abundance in most possible ways. With their diverse preferences and needs, they refuse to settle for anything ordinary or remotely fun in nature. As they are set to occupy the retail consumption map, the only choice left to appease them is 3D creativity.

Developments in AR and VR

The most obvious propelling force behind the new marketing methods is the decentralization of technology. As it becomes more advanced, it is becoming slowly available for the audience worldwide. Anyone with a smartphone can access an AR campaign and the same goes with VR and soon-to-come-up metaverse headsets. Therefore, more and more brands are using these innovative technologies with creativity to dive deeper into buyers’ lives.

In the current turbulent market times, 3D marketing brings in its own benefits which add more to its charm and relief to brands.

Why must your brand adopt 3D Marketing Methods?

Visual Experience Shopping

Campaigns created with 3D technology are rich in information in all ways. With a critical eye for visual details, and creativity oozing from every space, they offer a wonderful visual shopping experience. Gone are the days when people shop for products. Customers these days browse to feel, understand and explore what they’ve got in store from the brands.

Limitless Creativity

3D marketing comes in a great package offering immense benefits to both your brand and consumers. Every vertice, surface, and effect is created on computers with the latest software. This enables a lot of space for creativity and correction. Even the wildest fantasy both on the brand’s and buyers’ side can be brought to life in the 3D spaces.

24/7 On-Service

Unlike the previous generations, the audience is in consumption mode at any time of the day or night. There is even a concept of midnight shopping whizzing around Gen Z. Which translates into customer service that is required all the time. 3D marketing campaigns like VR tours and virtual models (about to be revolutionized with AR) are always accessible.

Strong Differentiator

On the brink of generalization, 3D marketing methods help brands to fall over into the abyss. It is a robust marketing strategy that requires deeply-thought concepts, suitable for product offerings. This often requires a lot of creative work on the brand’s process which in turn turns into a strong differentiator in a sea of common campaigns.

To allure the new generation of the audience while improving the space for imagination and creativity, 3D advertising serves the brands the best.

Empowered Customers

As the economies, markets, and brands shift from the market to product to consumer-centric, every aspect of marketing must serve them in any way possible. To gather and grab the audience’s attention, campaigns must be empowering in a way that they find confidence in them. In addition to being imaginative, 3D marketing is known for its high-quality information, that helps with buying decisions.

Preparation for Ahead

One look at the changing technological landscape can help brands envision what the future can look like. With metaverse’s features expanding at a rate than expected and devices like VR headsets about to become mainstream, your brand has to adapt accordingly.  3D marketing is what puts your label in the preparatory mood for the future all the while exuding a present aura.

Start your first 3D campaign today with VSLB

Times change. Today’s marketing strategy can be obsolete tomorrow. That is how fast technology affects the market and the consumers. As we move forward into the new virtual world, it’s inevitable that every brand has to have a 3D marketing strategy.

Why not kick-start your first campaign with 3D art? If you have any questions regarding 3D marketing, how it works, or want to see campaigns in action, we’re always waiting for you! Connect with us today.

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Download the Guide

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Download the Guide

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