How to Create an Immersive 360 VR Experience?

creating an immersive 360 VR experience

As a brand in the 21st century, are you struggling to establish a deep connection with your target audience? Or are you lost in the new trends that crop up every other time in the marketing arena? In either case, this exclusive blog from our expertise is for you.

As a 3D creative design studio, closer to the audience’s tastes and preferences, we’ve been through major shifts in marketing and are here to let you know one of them. It is called immersive 360-degree VR experiences. In marketing vocabulary, it is called branded experiences.

In this blog, discover the following:

The Next in Marketing: Branded VR Experiences

VR experiences such as showrooms and tours that make the audience feel, perceive, and think about a brand in its desired way are known as branded VR experiences. They have the power enough to entirely change the existing perception of your brand among the buyers.

These VR experiences are flexible enough to mold to reflect your brand identity, colors, goals and so much more. They take the audience on an emotional tour, connecting them deeply with your brand’s mission and vision while also fulfilling their needs as the target domain.

Making immersive VR tour with VSLN

You can deeply connect with your audience with immersive 360 VR tours.

Why do Experiences trump the rest of the Cards?

Stand out from the Mushrooms

An Indian proverb explicitly explains the current market scenario, ‘cropping up like mushrooms’ which means a lot coming up/existing at the same time. In current times, every customer has a wide range of options and choices available for every piece of product. Many brands commit the common mistake, of trying to woo the consumer with new attributes and discounts. But as buyers’ affordability goes up, unique features or cost factors are losing their significance.

They are looking for brands that not only stand out from the rest but also give them a refreshing feeling. A new wave of experience that will pull back them to your brand, again and again, is how you stand out.

An Umbrella Effort

According to a study by Qualtrics regarding the state of brand experience management, only 39% of the business leaders agree that their brand resonates with the prospects. This means 61% of the brands are unable to bond with their customers.

This can be attributed to diverse ways of branding and marketing, trying to keep up with the new channels and trends. But there’s a slight disadvantage amid the multitude of efforts. Customers are unable to connect all of them and understand your message.

With immersive 360 VR experiences, you can bring all of your efforts into a single stream and direct them toward your consumers. Your branded experience can be shared on social media, digital signage, and on your audience’s screen, which itself is a perfect blend of endearing visuals and stimulating text.

Memory is the Key

With new technologies bombarding, and social media channels overflowing with content and opinions, buyers are finding it difficult to fix their focus. They are fascinated by one brand only to be distracted by other within a few seconds. The result is human attention span has been reduced to 8 seconds, equivalent to a goldfish. Amid this declining trend, it’s natural that brands can find and expand their list of loyal consumers.

But VR experiences can quickly overturn all of them. First of all, it’s interesting to have an entirely virtual space on the small screen in your buyers’ hands. As opposed to mindless sliding or endless scrolling during online shopping, a well-thought and artistic virtual reality tour of your brand will stop them in their tracks.

They keep glued to your brand as they explore or you can make it more engaging with fun and educational games. All of these turn into a nice memory to the consumer, cementing your offerings for a long time than 8 seconds.

Led by Emotions Stick

Initially, necessities and needs drove purchases. With industrial and technological revolutions, innovative features and reduced prices replaced them. But with a new crop of consumers, shopping has become more of an emotional expression.

The current marketing methods continue to fail to stir such emotions, unlike VR tours. These experiences can bring out feelings about the product, consumption, and so on.

Without even realizing it, the consumers are on a ride of emotions with the altering perceptions in these branded experiences with mesmerizing visuals, and creative artistic concepts.

VSLB artistic concepts for your branded VR tour

A visionary leader in virtual spaces and metaverse, VSLB creates the perfect VR experience for your brand with solid artistic concepts.

Considerations for Creating the Best Brief for your Campaign

While creating immersive 360 VR experiences is easy and swift, designing in the perfect way to lure consumers should be the primary goal. As a studio that’s well whetted in these experiences, here are a few insider tips for creating the best brief for your next successful campaign.

Fixing the Focus

An immersive VR experience can highlight anything with its supreme 3D visual imagery and other additional elements like music. In the beginning, your brand must decide on the focus of these experiences.

Do you want to highlight the product features? Or do you want to elevate the audience’s perception of your product or brand? or do you want to gain new insights into your customer buying decisions? Whatever your point of focus is, we at VSLB design your branded VR experiences in your desired direction with ease and creativity.

Deciding Theme Basic Elements

After making a decision on the focus of the VR experience, it’s time to decide on the basic elements of the theme. This part of the brief aligns with the above-discussed focus. Your experience can be lively, mystical, magical, and warm.

It can also be a tour of your own showroom with various themes. Or they can be tours of extraordinary places that do not exist in real life. It’s all in your hands, making it easy to reflect and represent your brand in a spectacular way.

Usually, 3D creative studios can help you in this aspect. At our VSLB studio, we give each of our creations an artistic touch that enhances the overall experience.

Quality and Quantity

One more aspect to consider in the brief is the quality of the immersive 360 VR experience and visuals. There is a range of options to choose from and you can decide based on the campaign needs.

Virtual reality experiences take your audience on a musical journey of emotions and thoughts.

How do we create your VR branded Experience?

Step 1: Consulting a creative studio

After making the best brief with needs and goals, your brand has to meet up with a 3D creative studio. While there are many studios with diverse skills and ideologies, it’s best to pick that helps you stand out.

At VSLB, our signature attribute, 3D artistry enhances the overall brand concept while touching up with our high-quality visuals and scenes.

Step: 2 Weave an immersive Concept

The most important step is to build the concept. The concept of a VR tour is what defines its essence, which in turn decides how consumers feel and perceive it as they go through it. A well-thought VR experience concept requires a lot of creative thinking, spatial skills, and suitable tools to build it.

A concept also acts as a physical and emotional guide to your consumers. It should guide them in the right direction while experiencing a plethora of amusement, education, and fun. Here is a brief overview of how a concept takes birth at VSLB.

Our creative director, Giacomo Mason is a 3D artist, previously an architect with a flair in museology. As a result, you can find three amazing elements coming together to form a beautiful concept. They are art, space architecture, and spatial placements.

Every concept is threaded thoroughly with by attaching elements like culture, history, and art relevant to your brand. They are so creative and thought-provoking in nature, making your consumer think about your brand in a new way. Consequently, they add more charm and success to your marketing campaign.

Step: 3 Production and Refining

3D artists then start creating virtual spaces according to the concept and goals in mind. Then they create 360 VR experiences by using immersive technology of virtual reality. A map is set up to swiftly guide the users in the space while allowing them to take beautiful glimpses of your brand.

These tours can be refined according to your brand goals. Also, images and GIFs can be created to give sneak peeks to your audience. Then you’re ready to launch your immersive 360 VR tour!

Finding the Best for your Brand: VSLB

The creation of a VR tour can be seen as an intimate journey between your brand and a studio. Understanding your needs that perfectly align with the studio’s creativity and skills is crucial for its success. At VSLB, we add more meaning to our journey with our fine artistry in our concepts.

Connect with us to create your most stunning and meaningful branded experiences.

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