The Divine Space

Client: SU:M 37° x Reem Acra 
Launch: Website and Social Media
Type: Abstract Virtual Space
Deliverables: Animations and 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason, George England and Tiago de Sousa Araújo


Adding much glitter to the collaboration between Reem Acra, an Haute Couture designer, and SU:M 37°, a luxury cosmetic brand, VSLB was able to help the brand efficiently target its audiences in China, the US, and the APAC regions across multiple channels. In a personalized 3D virtual space, 3 images and 1 video animation were created to celebrate the brand’s vision of making every woman feel like a goddess.

The reem acra and sum 37 elixior in the abstract virtual space


The mission of the collaboration and our own sketches were the origins of VSLB’s inspiration behind this project’s visuals. To make every woman feel like a goddess, we’ve chosen colors that exude femininity in a grandeur way. In a divine temple, the product summa elixir essence was placed on a well, with the designer’s silky cloth smoothly unveiling it. In an artistic way, we succeeded in drawing the attention of females with our beautiful imagery.

A Celebration of Goddess Femininity

The reem acra and sum 37 elixior in the abstract virtual space
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“The most remarkable part of SU:M 37° x Reem Acra project is that we were really able to go out of our comfort zone, which means our creations were more in the direction of architecture and abstract space while exploring the unending possibilities in visuals.”





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