The Reepot Launch

Client: Borderless
Launch: Website, Social Media, and Promotional Prints
Type: Abstract Virtual Space
Deliverables: 4K Images, Avatar, and Cinema Graphics
Creators: Giacomo Mason, Fabrizio Gobbi, Tiago De Sousa, Dohwi Lim


For the launch of their new medical device, Reepot, Ilooda together with Borderless Agency collaborated with us. The new creation is set to change the world with its game-changing technology. To reflect the same, we’ve opted for visual imagery that seems so surreal yet fascinating. Over 2 breath-taking virtual spaces, we’ve created a simply-beautiful avatar featured in over 8 images and 2 cinematographic visuals.


Our artists drew inspiration from the fantastic experience the new device will be offering to the consumers. We want to elicit the same feeling when one looks at the imagery we’ve created. With an attractive avatar dressed in Pure Retro-futurism style, the visuals give off the vibes of an unreal world with no distractions. Also, the images are designed in a way that the deep affective connection between the avatar and the device can be felt.

An Unreal World with No Distractions

“The work of VSLB was a creation out of nothing. Their creation was beyond imagination giving a heart beating life to our Brand.

VSLB’s professional business etiquette, sincerity as well as design quality are good enough to impress any clients. It was such a grateful and delightful time working with them.”





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