How to ease into Metaverse with 3D Virtual Space

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

"I consult with creative brands, using innovation, 3D tech, and art to transform brand communications, creating impactful customer journeys that drive business growth."

VSLB's virtual space material board

One question is constantly on the minds of marketers these days. ‘How do we proceed with the metaverse?’. When one looks into the brief history of introducing new technologies, there is always a period of turbulence before it takes off or flops down. Right now, all brands are in this phase with the outburst of the concept of the metaverse.

Everything about the metaverse is quite tricky. Because the future potential is endless and current functionalities are limited. As a result, brands are wondering if they need to dip their toes into the virtual world now or wait for the fully-packaged technology later.

Known as the brands’ ally, we’re here to help with how to move forward with the technology.

The Current Ecosystem of Metaverse

Global investors around the world predict that the market of the metaverse will be worth about $1 trillion. While brands might ignore this prediction, the recent acceleration of the health crisis changed everything. The bouncy adaption to the new social norms has raised hopes in what the world can be – a virtual space. A space where one can carry out physical activities through digital means.

To add and nurture this increasing convergence, companies are bundling up the resources, and existing technologies of AR and VR. A brief glance at the current stage of the cluster of virtual spaces can help better understand and plan for the future.

Focus on Technicalities

Metaverse means differently for various people. For brands, it’s a space for marketing. It’s a portal for consumers to enter and entertain themselves. For companies, it’s a potential good.

Therefore, the building of the metaverse is not symmetrical or general in nature. Hence the immense stress on the technical aspects of the virtual realm to support any cause or need.

Absence of Design Aspects

While metaverse is slowly upgrading its technical glory, the lack of design cannot be ignored. Today’s metaverse platforms are mystical and imaginative but they are not designed keenly with digital architecture. Consequently, this poses a huge obstacle to brands to create their marketing content through the metaverse. Also, the spatial aspect, aka placing the objects around with intention is quite missing from the current metaverse.

Moving Beyond the Constraints with 3D Virtual Spaces

Slowly metaverse is enabling the world to move away from the physical constraints in commerce, entertainment, and education. This means users can now shop, hang and play around in the metaverse just like the real world. To make it more realistic, tech companies are including perceptive technology to offer fully immersive and real-time experiences.

A Little far from Reality

Additionally, the current platforms are more animation-style based and do not entirely match the realness of the actual world. While this style works in the favor of a few brands, but not for all. To connect with real people, they would need hyper-realistic imagery.

3D virtual spaces and metaverse

In a 3D virtual space, you can place your product in any way against any backdrop and theme.

VSLB’s Solution for You: Dynamic and Aesthetic 3D Virtual Spaces

Now let us introduce ourselves and the powerful solution for your brand to enter the metaverse with ease. VSLB is a 3D state-of-art design studio specializing in virtual spaces with a strong sense of digital architecture and art. Working closely with the brands and understanding their pain points, we’ve concocted the perfect solution.  A solution that not only speaks to your brand tackles on future, but also gives you flexibility, accentuated your brand image, and so on.

VSLB proudly and enthusiastically created 3D virtual spaces that are both brand and buyer centric. A 3D virtual space can be explained as follows: Created totally on computers, these are realistic spaces inside cyberspace that come with a wide range of features. While many created 3D content out there, our studio’s 3D virtual space stands out from the rest. Because they are the gateways to the metaverse, designed specifically for the brands.

VLSB's Vspace- Wherehouse

Over the years analyzing the trends and metaverse development, we’ve been creating diverse virtual spaces that speak and reflect you brand. Contact us today to know more.

Tri-faceted benefits of VSLB’s Virtual



Boundary-less Imagination

Digitalization of operations and productions has broken the limits of what mankind can create or consume. The same goes for a 3D virtual space where the artist’s imagination and patience are the only constraints. Brands can bring back any of their vision and legacy to life with 3D visuals.

Previews and Customizations

In addition, virtual spaces which are crucial to enter the metaverse can be previewed before finalizing and laughing at them or digital channels. Also, the imagery is enough malleable to personalize to various cultures and customers.

Sustainable Process

Finally, virtual spaces are the optimal solution for the looming climate change and its devastating impact. As everything is simplified, the elimination of travel and reduced usage of resources makes 3D creation emit less carbon dioxide.


Non-existent Outsourcing

With a 3D virtual space built by VSLB, your brand can forget about the tedious efforts of sourcing a physical studio, multiple pros, crew, and other resources to refine the outputs. In other words, your marketing content production is simplified to one computer and an amazing artist.

Fluidity in Budget

The best part of our creative spaces is that we offer a wide range of offers and combinations to satisfy the multitude of needs that brands have. So companies can now choose spaces according to their time and budget, with absolutely no compromise in quality and quantity.

Improvement in Returns

A 3D virtual space improves the returns on many levels. Since they take up less time and resources to produce stunning visuals, brands can focus more on other activities, improving productivity and efficiency.


Storytelling with Creative Partner

Virtual spaces built by VSLB are primarily based on one simple goal – to offer interactive storytelling with splendid visuals. Our creative team simplifies the workflow by creating a space concept revolving around the brand’s story. This means every corner of our space reflects the brand’s essence and tells its own share of stories.

Relieve from Brainstorming

In today’s world, it’s highly crucial to keep connected with the audience just as we hold with our loved ones. Which in turn puts enormous stress on the brands to brainstorm and create new content for social media channels every day.

This saps a lot of energy, time, and resources which are easily saved with our virtual spaces. As a creative team, we take care of everything, starting from the concept to the final output.

Translation of Vision and Mission

The biggest benefit of VSLB’s 3D virtual spaces is that they are the perfect medium to translate your brand’s vision and mission into artistic visuals. A creative stimulus is designed from our studio in which feelings and emotions beyond words are perfectly portrayed.

Vspace by VSLB offers you a wide range of benefits spanning functional, emotional, and economical aspects.

VSLB’s 3D Virtual Space: VSpace

You must be eager to try out our 3D virtual spaces. But what if you want quick visuals within less time an affordable budget and a range of options to choose from? Well, we’ve got it covered. With our latest product, Vspace, you now can choose your favorite space from our catalog and quickly produce your marketing content.

Curious to know how it works? Contact us today to get a free demo of Vspace by VSLB.

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