The Future of Digital Fashion: Insights from a 3D Design Studio

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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Since virtuality exploded in every aspect of the world, for instance, digital clothes, online meetings, and metaverse, due to the pandemic, there seems to be one question that keeps dragging around. ‘Is this the future?’ is the question every expert in most of the related fields is trying their best to answer. One such industry, in which we as a 3D design studio are interested, is the future of fashion.

As one of the basic necessities men has ever known, clothing is on its way to spectacular makeup. Yes, with artists, fashion experts, and consumers fueling at the moment, digital art fashion is an imploding interest.

But how long will it glow before buyers realize its lack of tangibility? How is the booming digital art fashion going to evolve and merge with the century-old traditional clothing industry? What will its influence be on the key stakeholders of major luxury brands, small brands, and consumers?

There seem to answer a lot of questions that need answers before we hype digital art fashion as the future of the glamourous industry.

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Where is the future of fashion headed?

Gaming Industry’s Staple

If you see from one point of view, the gaming industry can be said to be the birthplace of 3D digital fashion. Players are using the ‘skins’ are digital garments and specify various features and meanings in the games. With the pandemic, virtual fashion took off, opening a lot of possibilities for game creators and consumers.

As we move forward into a more versatile future, it can be said that the digital fashion industry will never fade out, as it continues to become the second nature of the gaming world.

Luck to Sustainability

Digital art fashion comes at the right time when its traditional counterpart’s carbon emissions reach 10% of the global amount. While traditional clothing boasts its tangibility, virtual garbs are a product of beautiful imagination and data put together. They produce no waste with fewer ecological footprints.

Due to such creativity benefits and support for sustainability, digital fashion can be seen holding more ground than expected.

Future of Digital Art fashion

A form of self-expression, a way of freedom, many luxury brands, and all consumers are looking forward to digital fashion’s evolution.

Express/Hide your Self

As always, fashion is always an expression of oneself. But there is a certain physical restriction on how one can express themselves and their imaginations. Also, analyzing the tendencies of current consumers, they have two selves, one for the real world and the other for the online realm.

While some argue that it’s their expression of true selves while others say it is to hide their true colors. Regardless, digital art fashion will help users portray themselves in the most imaginable possible way.

Collective Intelligence Source

According to Fabricant, the leading digital fashion brand, 3D digital fashion is a form of collective intelligence. To explain it, fashion brands can now make buyers a part of creating and promoting new collections. A cycle of feedback from both sides, until the perfect fit, is designed to create a rich source of intelligence and imagination.

This also goes hand-in-hand with the personalization trend, which consumers are so much a fan of.

Custom-made to Digital Savvy

As aforementioned, digital art fashion caters to the new generation of consumers who are tech-savvy, over-connected, and self-portraying. While physical clothes are limited to a daily necessity, virtual garbs will emerge as a form of communication of oneself to the world.

Revenue Vs Costs

Fashion brands are more inclined towards digital fashion as it has less or no production costs. Furthermore, they open up a new form of revenue through live streaming of 3D digital fashion shows with virtual influencers. They also are a great boost to promotion as they can be swiftly shared on any online media channel.

Digital art fashion will help more creativity and imagination come to light, democratizing it.

What do VSLB’s 3D Artists think of Digital Art Fashion’s Future?

As a 3D creative studio that is always abreast with the latest technology trends and consumer preferences, we’ve asked our artists about their thoughts about digital fashion. Here are some of the exclusive excerpts from our thoughtful and optimistic interview with our lead 3D artist and executive CA, Tiago de Sousa Araújo, and junior 3D artist, Dohwi Lim.

Will digital art fashion replace traditional clothing?

“While many think it is possible, I don’t think so. Fashion, although a way of expressing ourselves, in the end, is tangible. We have to have physical garbs and 3D digital fashion can not separate us from that reality,” says Tiago. Adding to his words, Dohwi expresses that it may change the way how we think of related websites and digital content.

   “Traditional and Digital Fashion will coexist, complementing each other with their strengths”

Hand-on-hand is the expression Tiago uses for the relationship between traditional and digital art fashion industries. He further emphasizes how the world is looking at brands about how they approach 3D digital fashion in the coming times. “In addition, it can also change the way consumers know about the latest collections. They might first know about the digital piece in virtual worlds like Roblox or Gucci garden and then to the real garb,” Tiago smiles with hope.

What’s your take on Digital Fashion?

While Dohwi is a 3D animation person, he’s more in a simple fashion that serves comfort more than style. But Tiago, a deep fashion enthusiast has some interesting thoughts on virtual fashion.

“For me the most exciting chapter is when the fashion industry democritization takes place”

“Previously there were many fashion talents but weren’t accessible to the right tools and direction. But with so many cool design software, the potential is unlocked. It opens up diverse perspectives of people who aren’t necessarily related to the fashion-forward or positive environments. Along with giving voices to the artistry and creativity of young lads, it also helps clear the assumptions that luxury fashion is a niche, exclusive to a few designers and so on.”

Your favorite digital fashion artists?

“I love Willem Stapel who is super professional and makes amazing stuff with his wonderful team and creative collaborations with other artists” blissfully reveals Tiago.

Another of his favorites is the Institute of Digital fashion, a studio by two amazing ladies who create and collaborate with artists for collections, VR experiences, and campaigns. Also, one of their specialty that amazes Tiago is their mission to democratize fashion and make it inclusive.

It’s Dohwi’s time. “Not completely related to fashion but my favorite artists are 이구치 코타, Yugal Odhrani, Hadoman, Omar Aquil, and 오수환.”

Thoughts on the Future of Digital art Fashion?

“Recently, I have seen domestic brands such as 무신사 produce fashion content using digital humans. It is an efficient service for companies to produce content through 3D without hiring models and photo shooting studios.”

“But there is a meme called an uncanny valley. This is a visual inconvenience that appears when 3D is vaguely produced. To satisfy consumers, I think we should go to a cute or illustrated style, or give visual satisfaction through hyper-realism if we want digital fashion to be a part of our daily lives in the coming days.” expect Dohwi.

Tiago supplements, ” I think the digital fashion industry will trace the same path as the music industry. From a time when it’s a tedious process to become a single, with the emergence of myspace, everyone is creating from all corners of the world.”

“The same will happen with fashion, where young creatives can put forward their creativity and vision. Also, there will be a lot of unlocking of craftsmanship and knowledge from the big brands to the world. This helps young designers to break their boundaries to create collections that are simply stunning and appeasing to fashion lovers.”

“The future of fashion is where anyone can think of how and what to wear without being withheld by any ternds or perspectives.”

Digital Art Fashion

According to VSLB’s digital artists, virtual fashion is a positive thing for many stakeholders involved.

3D Digital Fashion: An Opportunistic and Optimistic Future

The fashion industry is constantly changing and the emergence of digitality, adds more turbulence to it, in a positive way. With more freedom to express oneself to support young talents to decentralize the world of fashion, there are many possible ways in which its future can take off.

But one thing can be said with certainty that Digital fashion is here to stay. Whether independent or coexisting with traditional industry as Tiago says is something we have to anticipate.

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