Innovation Captured
In Style

Innovation Captured
In Style

Capturing The Essence of Res Novae with AI
and 3D Technologies

Korean Medical Cosmetic Brand Res Novae commissioned us to create fourteen images and a thirty-second animation capturing their groundbreaking biotechnology. Brand Experience Artist Giacomo Mason and Motion Artist Fabrizio transformed the client’s brief into captivating deliverables giving the brand an image to be remembered.  Using AI, and 3D Technologies, VSLB set a new standard for creative production of advertising media. 

The Process

Giacomo Mason constantly pushes new boundaries of creative processes, in which he explores various ways to bring ideas to life. For Res Novae he integrated AI into the process which allowed him to create fourteen unique visuals. AI and 3D Technologies were used to exactly fit the brand’s desired tone and manner. The combination of both technologies enabled even greater creative freedom to visualize “Chitosan” the core ingredient and its lasting effect on human skin. 

The Animation

To create a captivating animation, Fabrizio and Giacomo transformed the client’s brief into a captivating visual story to provide deep insights to the viewer. The main goal was to creatively showcase the function of Chitosan and its transformation from Liquid to Gel once infuesed into the skin. We’ve decided to curate a story which deeply reflects this transformative nature in a highly artistic manner, while respecting the brand’s image. 

Futuristic Laboratory

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“The work of VSLB was a creation out of nothing. Their creation was beyond imagination, giving a heartbeating life to our Brand. VSLB’s professional business etiquette, sincerity as well as design quality impressed us. It was such a great and delightful time working with them.”

MS. Go Eunsil, Res Novae Head of Marketing

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