OLED 2021 and Space City Series

Client: HSAd Korea & OLED Space by LG Display
Launch: Instagram and Website
Type: Interior Virtual Space
Deliverables: Animation and 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason, George England, Jongho Lim, Angelica Aparicio and Tiago de Sousa Araújo


Together with VSLB’s 3D virtual spaces, the OLED brand was able to showcase its products in the most unique way, across global locations. Highlighting the unique selling feature for each product, we’ve designed virtual spaces in locations that will amplify their appeal to the target audience. For the OLED Space 2020, we’ve created 10 interior spaces comprising 15 images, 11 animations, and 3 copywrites. For the OLED Space City series, over five articles, we’ve designed 10 interior spaces, with 19 rendered images and 19 moving images.



As a young technology brand, our main inspiration is to connect the younger generations and the history and legacy of global cities through OLED products. Each of our creations is embedded in a historic concept or famous architecture from cities like Seoul, Shanghai, Quebec, and Chicago. Also, our animations helped the audience with information for an optimized viewing experience.

3D Campaigns connecting OLED with its Audience

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Flexibility in imagery design

“In the process of challenging ourselves, we’ve set out to create a series of cinematographic videos and images for OLED space in such a way that the function of each screen is coaligned with a specific environment. We learned from the project, exploring VFX and other effects side.”





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