LG Transparent OLED

Client: HSAd Korea and LG Information Display
Launch: Youtube and Website
Type: Abstract Virtual Space
Deliverables: Animation and 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason, Fabrizio Gobbi


As a part of the LG Display project, we’ve collaborated with LG Transparent Information Display, for the launch of the new OLED display. In the creative digital environment, our design team artistically staged LG products, highlighting their unique selling points of being transparent- seeing within and beyond. Over a unique digital space, we’ve created animations and 4K images that truly present the power of transparent displays.

LG Transparent OLED display in the abstract virtual space


Our main driving force is that we want to present the displays in virtual environments that’ll help them shine the most. So we’ve chosen an abstract space that effectively showcases the displays. The displays are scattered around these places, proving both general and specific information about them.

LG Transparent: Lab

LG Transparent: Museum

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“By creating an animation focusing on liquid simulations, our team showcased the power and beauty of incredible transparency that one can see in LG’s OLED screens.”





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