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A Full CGI Backdrop Against Model Shots

In our groundbreaking collaboration with Krema Worldwide, we’ve curated eight evocative lifestyle visuals in full CGI that echo the heartbeat of every age group. Whether it’s a GenZ in their urban loft or a Baby Boomer basking in the warm hues of a nostalgic sunset, the LG Smartcam is a silent observer of these everyday tales.

Innovating The Traditional Photo Shoot

Crafting eight fully digital environments featuring LG Display and smartcam, VSLB deliveried 4K Imagery to our advertising partner Krema Worldwide. With the masterful handoff of our visuals, Krema Worldwide breathed life into them, showcasing their models amidst the backdrop of our crafted moments. This wasn’t just another project. It was innovation and teamwork, pioneering a unique process that saw creation from ideation to execution in an astounding 3 weeks without the build of a physical set.

The Digital Environment

Giacomo Mason, VSLB’s brand experience artist designed the environments to fit the specific target audience of LG Electronics ranging from GenZ to Baby Boomers. The environments feature a specific layout and diverse camera angles to enhance the visibility of the product while allowing Krema to shoot their models in the specific angles. 

Digital Environment Composited
with Models

Cool Number
Cool Number
Cool Number

Reach out to inquire about creating a brand tailored digital environment and 4K Images as a backdrop for your next product shoot. You are one click away from a refined campaign production process, and experiencing total creative freedom. 

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