LG Product Showcase at Las Vegas Convention

Client: Proposal for Krema Worldwide
Launch: Product showcase at CES Las Vegas
Type: Interior Virtual Space
Deliverables: 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason


VSLB created hyper-realistic 3D Visuals to help Krema Worldwide Pitch a project to LG Electronics. We’ve created a sophisticated Virtual Interior Space, using luxurious textures, and lighting with an ambiance to draw attention to the product.


We want to deliver LG’s promise of experiencing sound with a visual touch. We’ve crafted a rich interior to prioritize and enhance sounds, where the 3D edgy surfaces of the walls and tables bounce off the sound while cozy furniture absorbs the low-end sound. A golden light full of warmth like music, drapes over the soundbar, making the audience feel at home and comfortable.

Creating a perfect blend of audio and visual

LG Soundbar in the Interior Virtual Space
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Freedom in terms of creativity and art
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“We’ve created a very cozy apartment that matches the tone and manner of the SL9YG. Surfaces are created in such a way that the sound is reverbing into the whole environment without influencing the comfortability of the space.”





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