LG’s World-Class 3D Product Experience

Client: HSAd Korea and LG Signature
Launch: Instagram and Website
Type: Interior Virtual Space
Deliverables: 4K images and Animations
Creators: Giacomo Mason, Jongho Lim, Angelica Aparicio,Tiago de Sousa Araújo, George England


LG Signature has successfully captured its audience through 3D realistic renderings, created by VSLB, which accurately highlighted the USPs of its luxury offerings. Through a story weaved around the world with intriguing visuals, the popular brand was able to spark a desire in its target audience, all the while forging a deeper connection. Over the five locations, we produced 10 luxury elegant Interior Spaces comprising 17 images, 5 moving images, and 5 animations for the Voyage series.


The prime inspiration for LG Signature- The Voyage series is the architecture and heritage of each destination presented in the Voyage.  Our creative director, Giacomo Mason, who was primarily an architect, based the creations on popular and cultural elements of architecture across the cities of Rome, New York, and Moscow and finally led the audience to LG’s signature luxury yacht. 

vslb 3d marketing campaign for lg signature

LG Signature Jet

Destination 1: Rome

Destination 2: New York

Destination 3: Moscow

Destination 4: LG Signature Yacht

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“The most challenging yet interesting part of The Voyage series is that we had to combine three unique aspects: LG’s tone and manner, visuals of the cities around the world, and the consumer’s perception of those cities. We’ve balanced all three of them with the best of our skills, resulting in dynamic yet captivating visuals that LG is very satisfied with.”





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