Eye of the Beholder

Client: HSAd Korea & LG Signature
Launch: Instagram & Website
Type: Abstract Composition
Deliverables: 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason


As a part of their 2022 social media campaign, we’ve collaborated with LG Signature for the beautiful showcase of their appliances. In a way that truly displays the power of products, our creative team designed visuals that have a strong impact on the audience. Over Abstract and Virtual spaces, we’ve produced 10 luxury elegant virtual spaces comprising 17 images, 5 moving images, and 5 animations.



LG Signature’s brand essence is where we started exercising our creativity. Its essence simply aligns with our studio’s strong point- Artistry. We’ve seamlessly connected art and technology in a contemporary and creative digital design, mesmerizing the visitors and brand alike. With a dark backdrop, we’ve placed LG Signature’s appliances that sparkle like a bright diamond and shine like gold.

Where Art Meets Technology

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“Our visuals were successful in emulating the lifestyle surrounding these products. They made the audience feel and imagine the experience of owning the products and the lifestyle that comes with it.”





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