Visualizing Genisis
The Iconic Line- Up


Celebrating the sales of one million premium and luxury vehicles of Genisis, our long-term partner DFX Agency commissioned us to curate a Line- Up.  The Brand Image received over 30K organic likes on Genisis Worldwide’s Social Media accounts. 

Staging The Vehicles

To choose the best layout for the vehicles, VSLB presented the client with eight different layouts to choose from. The layouts were presented in a Clay version before we textured the vehicles to ultra-realistic results, and curated the digital environment. 

Designing the Background

Once having staged the layout of the vehicles, Giacomo Mason Brand Experience Artist and VSLB Co-Founder curated a podium against the backdrop of Korean inspired landscape. The entire backdrop and the vehicles have been generated with CGI without the need to physically photograph the vehicles. 

A warm-tone ambiance with granite walls and roman bricked flooring.

Organic Likes on Social Media Channel

Reach out to inquire about creating a brand tailored digital environment and 4K Images as a backdrop for your next product shoot. You are one click away from a refined campaign production process, and experiencing total creative freedom. 

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Creative Solutions 

3D Images and Animations
Craft stunning 3D visuals and animations tailored for diverse platforms. From vibrant social media posts, captivating websites, to dynamic print and digital signage, we elevate your brand's presence with state of the art content.
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VR & Immersive Commerce
Dive into immersive brand-driven worlds designed for the next generation. Engage GenZ and beyond with tailor-made, fully interactive virtual showrooms that resonate and captivate.
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Consulting on Emerging Technologies
Navigate the future with our expert guidance on VR and AR experiences. We meticulously craft impactful customer journeys, leveraging the best of emerging tech to set your brand apart.
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