VSLB Artistic Creations

Client: Personal Exploration
Launch: Website and Instagram
Type: Abstract Virtual Space and Interior Virtual Space
Deliverables: 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason, Angelica Aparicio, and George England


Amidst the pandemic, we’ve consulted Chanel on how they can use 3D technologies to bring their audiences closer to the brand despite the physical limitations. To explain the same, we’ve created a magnificent virtual flagship store for Chanel, that sought to bring their Fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and New York to Seoul. For our collaboration with the Chanel flagship store, we’ve created 2 animations and 10 images across our various virtual spaces.

chanel flagship store seoul studio virtual space


To keep up with the new trends in the luxury industry, while honing our artistic skills, we’ve created a diverse range of visuals for the iconic brand, Chanel. To explore our own boundaries while blending real and virtual images, we’ve recreated Chanel No.5 perfume and Monsieur watch with artistic concepts that reflect the brand’s craftsmanship and legacy. 

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“The Chanel project went from a choice to a necessity because of the pandemic. Fine-tuning our skills, we created a digital garment specifically made for the brand, while expanding our skill set by creating products for a conceptual Chanel digital store.”





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