The Love Collection

Client: Personal Exploration
Launch: Website and Instagram
Type: Abstract Virtual Space
Deliverables: 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason, Angelica Aparicio


The Cartier’s Love collection was created to explore 3D creations of metallic materials and their sheen as a way to hone our artists’ skills. From a standpoint of free-spirited love, our digital artists created the Love Collection. The hyper-realistic visuals were a pure joy, created in our Abstract virtual space, giving them more luster with a silky backdrop. A total of 1 digital space and 3 product placement digital reproductions were created.



Inspired by the Love child of ‘70s New York, The Love collection, our 3D artists modeled the metallic accessories with fine detailing. Its binding closure and screw motif give it true permanence, while diverse interpretations allow for a unique expression of feelings. Our visuals simply mean: Lock in your love, forever.

A Love Child of ‘70s New York

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“Through this lovely collection, we experimented and simulated the real-world experience of light bouncing off of polished metal and other surface areas to garner more realism toward the imagery created.”





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