What is Creativity in 3D Design?

As Dorothy Parker said, “Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye”.

Humans have always differentiated themselves through awareness, rationality, and creativity, both aspects are responsible for innovations, development & transforming the world. The definition of creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.

The creative process is unique to each brand and person. It can teach a person to organize its thoughts and business identity in order to create its own perfect design around mission, vision, and values.

Everywhere around us, we find many different inspiration sources, without even noticing it. Our creativity is also shaped by our own personality, thinking pattern, and upbringing. Creativity is, therefore, an abstraction of our own imagination and can evolve in any direction.

Creativity allows us to see the world within different perspectives. The process of becoming more creative does not only help you in solving problems but is also a way of life itself, always feeding your mind with outside inspiration. At the end of the day, we are all creative beings, creating from a source of on single thought. Even simple ideas can turn into something very unique.

Sometimes the source of inspiration can be just stepping the foot in front of your door and truly opening your eyes to notice the world around you.

As an example, where ever we go, we are surrounded by light. Whether it is daylight, lightbulbs, our house lighting, etc. Light brings our eyes to see colors, triggers emotion, and brings joy to us. Light surrounds us from morning to evening and finally, we turn on our own lights to be able to perceive the world around us. Light is the source of life… without it, we couldn’t exist.

By matching such thought processes of inspiration with our client’s aspirations, goals and the product USP´s, a creative journey unfold itself and brings meaning to what we do. 

In “light” of that, open your eyes, step out and see the world and you’ll see how creativity its already on its way to you.


Inspired by the artist Dan Flavin, the XBOOM Hi-fi Visual Banner promotes all USPs and situational usage in a cultivated artistic Image. The concept to use neon lights symbolizes that you can put this product in any empty or darkroom, environment, or setting. It will light up the surroundings through its powerful sound and lights, which brings everyone in a good mood wanting to dance and enjoy. The fog gives the XBOOM Hi-Fi System almost a mysterious touch, which evokes people’s curiosity.

Colors of Sound:

Sound/music can be expressed through colors. Naturally, we associate darker colors with strong bass, and a party/DJ atmosphere. LG XBOOM is all about colors of sound. The gradient colors and neon lights target a younger audience, who considers them as cool and trendy.


Message to the audience:

This soundbox/DJ set lights up every event, creating a party atmosphere full of fun. With this speaker, everyone can be a DJ, and make a professional impression. The sound is not only high quality but very strong as well, encouraging everyone to dance and let loose. The lights emphasize the atmosphere the product brings to the crowd. Where ever the LG XBOOM goes, you can be assured the surrounding will have a great experience.

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