VSLB Inc. Our Branded CGI Creative Process

Do you need more realistic and engaging content to advertise your product?

VSLB’s process to create 3D generated content for your brand considers your brand culture, identity, and story.

Before creating an image for our clients we carefully investigate their marketing goals and business identity.

Your product will be our inspiration to create an artistic concept of your brand, enabling us to unfold designs beyond reality and brings art and sophistication to your marketing campaign.

Our process can be described in the following steps:

1️⃣ We study your brand essence.

2️⃣ We get inspired by your product: what are your unique selling points,

Who´s your target, where will you advertise your product?

3️⃣ We create an artistic concept that reflects it all in mood boards, material boards, and designers’ insights.

4️⃣ Production: we design the whole 3D scenario around your product emphasizing your products in the set.

5️⃣ For the most realistic results, we use the finest texture and lighting choices all set in 3D.


The result will be as real as the tailored 3D image like the video above, designed by our team for @LgSignature.


Unleash buying power with content that speaks for your brand.