Art – The common language used as medium for brand elevation.

We all know art- some people connect with art more than others.

It is a medium used for centuries to express feelings, emotions, and themes to entertain humankind on a deeper level. Whether it is music, fine arts, performance or dance – it all is a mirror of inspiration and creativity.


Artists have expressed themself through this medium encouraging and enabling everyone to perceive it from their own emotional and physiological DNA.


And with all of that said – it is ultimately the most powerful tool when it comes to branded content and brand elevation.


It encourages emotional engagement by creating an association for the consumer.


A lot of brands out there focus mainly on expressing all the great features the customers get by buying the product – however, this doesn’t work anymore in the 2020s. The way humans interact with technology has massively changed buying behavior.


Consumers engage with so much content and are sheerly overwhelmed by daily news feeds.

But on the other hand, they built real relationships with brands when they achieve to inspire their followers. Brands nowadays are built online and a big challenge is to stay relevant to evolving consumer culture.


We increasingly see ads and campaigns unfold to mirroring a brand inspiration and creativity, therefore bringing the product to consumers through artistry.


But what does artistry mean?


Artistry means to be bold, different and unique in expressing a brand’s values, mission, vision and therefor transmit the personality of the brand to its audience.


Following a simple approach should help you to define your content: 


  • Make the brand stronger than the product by focussing on how it inspires its customers through stunning visuals.


This can be done by choosing certain colors, mood boards, styles that give your brand a younger and fresher outlook. Choose the unconventional way to stand out.


  • Be consistent and strict on the content you produce.


  • Include your customers in the journey of your brand by planning your content over a period of time. Meaning: let your audience see how transformable the brand is over a period of time- and therefore let your consumer transform with the brand to always engage in new and fresh ways.


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