St. Patrick’s Day – The Green Color Used for Branding

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Very commonly brands change their visual branding completely when special holidays get close.

This extremely smart strategy makes sure your product’s marketing maximizes its views during the holidays. That’s why so many brands create green 3D designed images of their brand close to the St. Patrick’s day.

Take for instance the promotional campaign of Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, and Rolex: 

CGI images can be easily edited to change its color and identity matching the holiday phase. 


For this day that is marked by green VSLB Inc. Studio wanted to give you 7 ways to use the green in your product’s visual branding identity. 


1️⃣Green is usually associated with nature and health, compassion in kindness when it comes in lighter colors. 

2️⃣Darker and brighter colors of green are related to prestige and wealth. The darker green can have negative effects depending on your business, since it may express a greedy view. So before you adapt this color to your business, you should consider your specific type of business and identity. For health care, the dark green is not recommended for instance. 

Pale Green: Expresses youth and purity

Emerald: Wealth and Abundance.

Jade: Trusting and Generous

Lime Green: Fun, Playful.

Aqua: Calming, healing and protective.

Olive: Peaceful, Deceiftul and Strong

Yellow Green: Fear, Cowardice.

Green is also usually used for brands that want to transpire Freshness for their clients. Like some of the most popular brands in the world.  

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