Looking behind the Scenes: Why branded content matters for brands!

We’ve interviewed Co-founder and Artistic director Giacomo Mason to share his designers perspective on inspiration, creativity and how brands create lasting relationships with their consumers through visual content.

What inspires you the most?


As a designer I can be inspired by anything, a topic that’s currently trending in the world, a trend, a single object, a problem; really anything that is in this world.


What means creativity for you?


It means that there are no boundaries to my imagination. What ever we limit ourself to is the way we live. But if the mind free and leave all perceptions or experiences, we become more free to imagine things without limitation. That means I become truly creative as a human being.

Once an idea sparks and takes its flow, it becomes unstoppable and evolves to the full creation.


Where did your journey as designer start?


It started in Italy joining my Aunt who is a renown interior designer on her projects. I come from a family of fashion designers, entrepreneurs and interior designers. Ever since I have been connected to the arts, I was fascinated how design shapes and influences our daily lies.


After completing my masters in Architecture, I came to Korea and worked for One O One where I participated in designing spaces for Hyundai CEO, Hyundai Card, Samsung Fashion and more.


Driven to evolve to a broader field of design, I found my own studio that is specializing in designing virtual spaces (interior and abstract) to advertise products with Images and motion graphic.


VSLB limits itself to only that, we explore different things, such as industrial design, graphic design, interior design, architecture and branding.


As your main focus at VSLB is advertising products with 3D branded content, what inspires this work the most?


Artistry is the main focus for our product advertising projects. With artistry as global language we aim to speak through the brand to the consumer. First we want to create this unique image of a brand, which creates desire and inspires people. By doing that the product will be automatically boosted to the consumer. It is all about using the product to become the medium to connect consumers and brands.


And how does this look in detail?


Well, we first have to understand a brand with its vision, mission and values. Creating an Image for a Brand is not only for advertise the product, but really making sure that everything from brand, market, consumer and product USP is reflected. Many brands have the challenge to keep their brand image consistent to engage the consumers continuously in their journey of success. This is a challenging task since brands have to continuously embrace creativity and always transform themself with the consumer.


We usually begin with creating a brand concept on the values, vision and mission of the brand.

Then we identify the market and consumers.


After that we present it with a moldboard along a strategy for the brand to come closer to the consumer.


After approval we begin with the 3D production and content optimization for the platform of release.



Why is branded content so important for a brand?


We have come to an age where 75% of all retail is happening online. 45% of the worlds population is shopping online and interact with brands over social media, e-commerce and product sites. Content is more important than ever.


Branded and well thought through content matters, because they are directly associated with the brand. The quality of content represents what the brand stands for and all products they want to sell.



How does design evolve in the images VSLB creates?


Design is a form of fine arts. I and my team are really getting inspired by the fact, that we can treat every product as an art piece. Imagine a museum: Art Curators are excellent in this, because they understand the importance of a harmonious composition of lighting, space and forms to work with the art piece and leave an impression in our subconscious mind.


Same goes for advertising an object in a 3D generated Image or motion graphic. The Object or product in this case becomes the art piece. Everything is  composed in harmony and balance to trigger the customers feelings and with its ultimate goal to uncover the brand.


And what are the results of the branded content?


The results are great. The brand develops a personality and lets consumers establish a relationship with the brand. That is when brand power becomes real and consumers become loyal to a brand.


To wrap it up: What advice do you wish to give brands out there?


I recommend to focus on the brand identity rather going to promote the product at the first place. If the branding is in place all product advertisements become more natural and consumers can directly develop a relationship with the brand. Consumers identify themself more with a brand than with the product. If the brand can establish the right feeling and living their values, mission and vision, then the rest will take its flow naturally. Most important to align brand, content, language, design and creativity.- it will give rewarding results.

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