The Best Way to Create Content in Times of Covid 19

Business Leaders, Marketing Teams, and brands in the global luxury and retail industry have to adapt quickly in terms of product advertising. Product shootings have been canceled, major events have been canceled, and budgets have been cut. The question arises, what are the alternatives for those brands? And how can they utilize the latest technology to continue to thrive on their online accounts in this challenging period?

While consumers of brands and products are locked inside their homes, brands can find great opportunities to engage their customers on a daily bases, as they spend more time at home and on their mobile devices.

3D product visualization and digital product staging offer a great alternative to the conventional photo shootings, at an affordable and timesaving cost, making it possible to adapt quickly.

HSad a global, leading advertising agency partnered with VSLB to provide LG Signature with a wholistic branded content strategy and keep moving forward during Covid 19. Lg Signature acknowledged that it was the most efficient way to curate their content during the pandemic, bringing their brand into the spotlight and creating a boosting momentum, with deeply designed concepts and images for their website, and social media and brand collaboration.

The project below is an insight into how our creative process happens and how 3D visualization can serve brands in times of the pandemic.

A Social Media Brand Collaboration Lg Signature x Kartell

Client Lg Signature

Living Modernism, an artistic concept designed for LG Signature and Kartell was brought to life by  VSLB’s Head Designer and Architect Giacomo Mason, to showcase both product’s most strong connecting points. Both brands are industry leaders in technology and design, that thrive for innovation by breaking away from conventional manufacturing technologies, highest craftsmanship, and design.

VSLB first took the time to deeply understand both brands and find the strongest connecting points between them. As a result, 6 core features both brands share were evaluated, which built the base of the artistic concepts.

Looking more closely at both brands’ products, that would be showcased, it became clear that the products have the ability to adapt to human needs, instead of humans having to adapt to them. They were made to blend perfectly in our homes and to be always there when we need them.

For example, Lg Signatures Wine Cellar provides an extra feature of the InstaView, which enables you to see inside the product with the use of two knocks on the glass, offering temperature control and vibration control to keep the wine in its optimum environment.

Kartell’s AI Chair, on the other hand, is made out of 100% recycled material, and the first chair that is designed based on Ai technology, providing the best support to our body.

After understanding the key features of each product and core mission, vision, and values of the brands, this needed to be translated into a unique design, that not only could convey the viewers but deeply speak for the brands, products and visually connects the two.

The Concept

Most inspired, by how both brands break away from the norm and innovate through technology, we thought of modern architecture, which was based upon new and innovative technologies of construction and was one of the most groundbreaking movements in architecture history. Modern Architecture was all about breaking the norm, as well as freedom of shapes.

Space had to have a meaning to serve as a showroom, therefore the concept around modern architecture revealed itself to be ideal, becoming a metaphor for everything that Lg Signature and Kartell stand for.

Furthermore, the team wanted to show something unique and unconventional, which really catches the viewer’s attention by inspiring them.

Thus, Giacomo designed three luxurious rooms, embracing both brand products, highlighting them within the space, surrounded by softly shaped walls and smooth flooring, as well as natural light entering to create harmony. He removed all clutter and any decoration, that could distract from the most essential points within the design.

Finally, this digital stage came to life in the form of three 3D generated images.  It was posted on the Lg Signature Instagram Account in late April 2020, allowing the brand to generate more engagement with images posted on the client´s accounts. Further content distribution is planned in the coming months.

This concept and images were created within 14 days and made it possible to operate quickly, accurately, and thrive in times of this crisis. Check out how our latest content is performing on LG Signatures Social media account.

Key Phrase for Inspiration

“Modernism means abstraction, and, consequently, freedom and disengagement from all forms of tradition.”