VSLB is an innovation-driven 3D Creative Studio crafting stunning visual campaigns through conceptualized spaces. We tell beautiful stories where your brand marketing objectives are met with our impeccable artistry. 

A 3D Virtual space image used as part of a digital marketing strategy

We invite you to replace complicated and time-consuming physical photoshoots with exciting visual ad campaigns in our three types of 3D Virtual Spaces: The Studio, The Abstract, and The Interior. 


3D Virtual Spaces are locations created virtually that exist within a 3D Model. They are digital worlds where you can design and create anything you want. 

Our visionary artistic team builds spaces that redefine visual product experiences. These powerful creative resources engage your audience with original visual campaigns that elevate your branding position.

Experience our 3D Virtual Spaces and unlock their full potential here. 


At the heart of art and design, our mission is to provide the missing pieces brands seek: unique 3D designs, visionary talent, and refined content production.

We continuously push our creative limits to refine our skills and find new forms of self-expression to bring visual campaigns to life. For us, art and design is a medium that allows anyone to experience a deeper connection to the world. 

The VSLB Speaker placed in a 3D Virtual Space created using 3D rendering software


1. Marketing Data Analysis

We relate to and understand your vision, along with analyzing your past marketing data and future strategies.



2. Deep Branded Story Ideation

We convert your strategy into innovative creatives by blending artistry and your brand essence into a 3D Virtual Space.

Our concepts empower your marketing initiatives and effortlessly connect with your audience.



3. Craftsmanship

Our 3D expertise embodies quality with the highest attention to detail. The content we produce transcend conventional visual campaigns that bring product experiences to life.

A 3D Virtual space image used as part of a digital marketing strategy


- Cofounder | CEO

- Cofounder | CCO | Architect

- Lead 3D Artist | Executive Creative Assistant

- Motion Artist | 3D Artist

- Brand Designer | 3D Artist

- Digital Marketer

- Business Administration

- Social Media Marketer

A 3D Virtual space image used as part of a digital marketing strategy


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