Engaging the Modern Audience to your Brands’ Heritage


For timeless connection and intimate experiences with your consumers, all our creations originate from a well-thought artistic inspiration. From a fresh and meaningful perspective, we help your audience to feel deeply and reconnect with your brand.


With art as the basis, your product is built and highlighted with our expertise in architecture and museology. We place your product in tailor-made virtual spaces with well-defined architectonics that bring out the best of your brand.


Your brand’s bright digital future is enriched with our 3D technology. Through the synergy of art, architecture, and museology, we create the most captivating visuals of images, animations AR, and VR tours with our state-of-art technology.

Brimming with Millenial and Gen Z energy, our culture is built on values and visions that span generations. VSLB’s marketing and artistic expertise is backed by cultural and social knowledge from South America, Europe to Korea. Our success comes from creating a unified culture through the uniqueness of each team member. In each of our creations, one can find our team’s strong drive to transform your brand’s imaginations and aspirations into ultra-realistic visual experiences.


Philomena Schmidt, CEO and Co-founder

Sarah Schmidt

Art is essential to a brand’s digital space

Once a Ballet Dancer and now the Co-Founder and CEO at VSLB, I bring art into advertising, allowing consumers to feel brands. My purpose with VSLB is to provide Advertisers and Brands with the heightened aesthetic and artistic vision, that truly allows people to experience a brand. My work at VSLB goes beyond building the company. I am the touch point between the artistic teams and the brands who work with VSLB, on the quest to immerse people through art and 3D technology. 

Areas of expertise:
3D Technologies, Consumer Behavior, Leadership, and Marketing


I transform your brand heritage into the future

Once an Architect and specialist in Museology,  I am now the Artistic Director at VSLB. I conceptualize virtual worlds, to stage products like art pieces and present a brand at its core. My vision and expertise, are to transform brands from the past into the future using cutting-edge technology. 

Areas of expertise:
Architecture, Museology, 3D Spatial Design, Post-Production



Mason, Creative Director and Co-founder

Giacomo Mason

Team Members

As a crucial liaison between Korean brands and international clients, my aim is to build relationships full of trust, where every stakeholder is satisfied and content.

Areas of expertise: Customer Relations, Communication, Journalism, Languages Country: South Korea


As a 3D designer, I strive to transform the world of fashion and beauty using 3D & AR techniques to create experiences that propel brands toward a more sustainable and accessible future.

Areas of expertise: 3D/CGI Development, Digital Fashion, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Motion Design.

Country: Brazil


I want to be a creative designer who can solve problems. I want to evolve into a 3D artist who can breathe life into any object and tell exciting stories about them.

Areas of expertise: Motion graphics, 3D/animation, Product film

Country: South Korea


Been crafting strategies that bring brands and customers together since 2020. With my experience in various types of marketing over diverse industries, I’ve got it all!

Areas of expertise: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Fiction Writing, SEO, and Languages.

Country: India


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Our Clients


Harper’s Bazaar
UK Vogue

Runway Magazine
LG Signature
OLED Space Features


14th Web Award by Kipfa

Awarded for being the most innovative and best internet service in Seoul


Awarded 4th place for designing urban structures on an international stage

Our Clients



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